Rollersy specification

The package includes two adapters with wheels, the strap with two soft pads that can be held in hand or on your shoulder and a backpack for product storage

With Rollersy allow the child to be transported comfortably pulled in their capsules on wheels. The double adjustable strap allows you to adjust the length to the height of the person carrying the seat. You can also carry the seat on your shoulder.

This product is designed for the following baby car seats up to 13 kg (group 0-13 kg): 

Compatible car seats

The product comes in four colour variants:
  • BLACK (black pad and strap)
  • BABY GREY (grey pad, black strap)
  • SOFT ROSE (pink pad, grey strap)
  • FROST MINT (mint pad, grey strap)

  • quick and easy assembly
  • rolling instead of carrying – relieve for your spine
  • carrying on your shoulder – the weight of the car seat is on your whole body, not only in hand
  • small size and comfortable storage in a backpack
  • fashionable patterns – 4 colour variants
  • wheels with foam tires – such as in strollers
  • SAFETY - Rollersy were tested by the accredited institute KOMAG in Poland according to safety regulations of European Pushchairs and Prams Standard (EN 1888:2012). The product was tested inter alia for stability and integrity of the construction, as well as for the endurance of the wheels and a strap. All tests results were positive.
PACKAGE SIZE: 23 x 34 x 9 cm