What is it?

Rollersy have been designed and developed by two entrepreneurial mums who were in need of a quick and easy solution for transporting baby capsules on short distances. There's always this awkward walk from your car to the doctor's or a quick dash to the store when you don't want to set up your big stroller and the capsule with your sleeping bub is too heavy to carry.

That's how Rollersy came along. 

The Rollersy set is essentially two wheels with foam tires which you can easily pop onto the car seat and pull your baby next to you without overloading your arm and back.

Rollersy are compatible with the most popular baby car seats in group '0' (0-13kg).

The set contains an adjustable strap which you attach to the car seat handle and easily pull the capsule next to you. The strap is comfortably padded which makes it easy to pull and carry.

Why is it worth using?

Baby car seats weigh a good couple of kilograms. Put your baby in and that turns into at least 5-7 kgs. When you carry the capsule on one arm you risk heavily overloading it as well as straining your back. Although it's a sweet load to carry it can get challenging as your baby grows. 

ROLLERSY is the solution for exactly that. It's a functional gadget that lets you pull your baby capsule on short distances and saves you having to set up your stroller or worse, take your baby out of the car seat and move to the pram. You also get you to have your hands free to carry an additional bag or open the door. 

Instead of carrying – click ROLLERSY  in and go!